Refer a New Hotel to Butler and Get $500

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It's True: Earn a $500 Visa cash card for every successful hotel partner referral to Butler – now through the end of the year.


The best part? There's no limit to your earnings.

Sign up 4 contacts? That's an easy $2k for your next vacay.


Where do I start?

Glad you asked. Think of all your hotel industry friends and contacts who could benefit from Butler’s free F&B operations and email their information to Be sure to include:

Hotel Name and City:

Contact’s Name:

Contact’s Role: 

Contact’s Email & Phone Number:

Want to make sure you get paid? Warm intros are even better! Simply cc when you make the connect.


When is my pay day? 

We’ll email you a $500 Visa cash card for every one of your contacts who sign up*. Just remind them to join before the deadline: December 31, 2021.


It’s a Win x Win x Win

Just to bring the awesomeness full circle:

You: Get a bunch of money

Your Contact: Partners with Butler for increased revenue, ratings and overall happiness (for their team and guests) - at no cost

Butler: Continues on our mission to create modern technology for timeless hospitality – for all


*You will be paid 30 days after your contact’s sign date.