3 Strategies for a Swift Hospitality Recovery

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The COVID-19 pandemic has given everyone a run for their money, but perhaps nobody has felt it harder than the hospitality industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given everyone a run for their money, but perhaps nobody has felt it harder than the hospitality industry. For nearly a year, most non-essential travel has been halted, and millions of people stay quarantined in place for the foreseeable future. 


Luckily for the hospitality industry, people are becoming restless. When the pandemic is controlled and the floodgates are opened, there will be ample opportunity for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to make a swift recovery. However, to be successful in the “new normal” hospitality landscape, businesses will have to implement novel strategies that cater to a post-COVID world. 


Hotels especially will need to make some changes to their sometimes archaic business practices. These changes include reimagining - and improving - the customer experience, having more flexible operations, and shifting their focus to local markets. 


Hospitality Hotel Management Needs Flexibility and Agility


Hotels and other hospitality businesses will need to have flexibility and agility in their operations in order to successfully weather the uncertain months ahead. Finding new ways to do business will be paramount to the success of hotels, in addition to cutting out old ways of business that don’t work. 


A prime example of this idea is the fact that many hotels have been eliminating traditional room service. However, they don’t get rid of room service altogether - many are converting their system to a Room Service by Butler, a hospitality technology service that provides high quality food delivery to tens of thousands of hotel rooms in Miami, New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Hospitality alternatives such as Butler help hotels stay flexible, and turn a profit, in these uncertain times. Hospitality professionals who use Butler do not need to worry about room service, an amenity that has historically lost money for most hotels. This allows them to focus their efforts elsewhere.


Reimagine the Customer Experience


First and foremost, customers are going to be concerned with the cleanliness of their hotel experience. From the moment they step foot in the lobby, they will be on the lookout for potential transgressions threatening their health and safety. 


To provide the cleanest and safest experience, hotels can use technology to create contactless experiences for guests. When a hotel guest orders from Butler, they no longer have to flip through a reused menu or use the hotel phone. They are only required to access their own device to place an order. That order can be left at the door with no face-to-face contact, and the cost is billed directly to the room. Therefore, it eliminates many of the interactions that can spread Covid-19. Technologies hospitality companies like Butler do not only have convenience credentials, they’re also more health and safety conscious than traditional hospitality practices.


Focus on Local: The Key to Hotel Hospitality Recovery


With the sharp decline in interstate travel, hotels and the rest of the hospitality industry will need to shift their focus to local markets. Strategies and marketing can be implemented to entice local families to enjoy a “stay-cation” at the hotel. Another benefit to Butler Hospitality is the lower prices of room service - what used to be considered an extravagance is now available at market price, so travelling families can easily justify the cost of luxurious in-room service. Getting out of the house and seeing their own city will be an enticing offer for families with cabin fever; the infrastructure just has to be there to support them. 

Butler turns the room service dilemma on its head by providing hospitality businesses with high quality hotel room service. They currently service tens of thousands of hotel rooms in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Washington D.C. The combination of Butler’s unparalleled efficiency and immaculate eye for detail results in an upgrade for all. Get in touch with Butler now!